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Questions & Answers

Q: When I arrive at Ben Gurion Airport, how will I know where to go?


Our Reception & Dispersal Unit and Airport authorities will prominently signpost Delegations' Entry Route, with Maccabiah representatives stationed along it.

Q: Do I have to declare any Special Equipment I bring?

A: Notify us as soon as possible in advance of Special Equipment on incoming flights; do it, and there'll be no problem, no hassle.

Q: I am an OPEN Division Athlete: Can I have a Hotel Room to myself? Can I upgrade to a suite? Can my spouse/significant other share my room?

A: As a rule, NO; Open Athletes Village hosting is 2 per room (or 3 in rooms so designated), same gender & same or similar Type of Sport.

Q: I am a COACH: How will I arrange Training during Competition Days?

A: Lodge a request with your Village Sports Coordinator, the sooner the better, and we'll do our utmost to arrange a time slot, venue, and return transit.

Q: How do I know when to leave my Village for my competition?

A: We publish the Maccabiah Transit Schedule, or ask your Village Deputy Manager.

Q: I'm hosted in a Tel Aviv Village, and I want to watch my friends compete, but they are in another Village, so...?

A: Shuttles run between Hotels, designated for participants as Fans & Supporters.

Q: I am a JUNIOR Athlete: Didn't wanna eat Lunch; now I'm hungry, so...?

A: Snacks - no adequate substitute for Lunch - are served in rest facilities throughout the day, and stalls selling food are dotted all over the Hub - but the Lunch you skipped was pre-paid, so wise up and chow Lunch, OK?

Q: Is registration required for content activities?

A: Some, YES: Limited space or limited participation activities, so you register for them on a First Come, First Served basis. Most content activities won't require prior registration.

Q: Are Events for all participants together?

A: Ceremonies, YES, but most not. Cultural and Leisure Events are designed & planned as suited to each age Division.

Q: I'm lost -HELP!

A: (1) Find a street/highway sign, it's in Hebrew, Arabic, and ENGLISH
(2) Call the Phone # on your ID Tag
(3) Friendly helpdesk operator: Speak calmly & to the point

Q: Maccabiah ended; How/What do I prepare for my Departure?

A: (1) Your Passport - and check NOW that it won't expire while you're in Israel
(2) Plane Ticket
(3) Pack your own Luggage; check that you aren't carrying anything
someone/anyone gave you/asked you to deliver
Our Reception & Dispersal Unit and Airport authorities will help you through an expedited security screening process. Bon Voyage! May you go in Peace!