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Paralympic Swimming


Last update 8 /11/16

  1. Organization

a.      The Paralympic Committee of the 20th Maccabiah will be responsible for the Paralympic Swimming competitions of the 20th Maccabiah.

b.     The Paralympic Swimming competitions will be conducted according to the rules of the IPC - INTERNATIONAL PARALYMPIC COMMITTEE.

c.       Participation in the competition is open to any athlete who is in possession of a Participant Card, issued by the Organizing Committee of the 20th Maccabiah, and is registered for the Paralympic Swimming competitions.

d.      Athletes without an official international disability classification can apply for a classification in Israel before the competitions. All medical documentations need to be submitted three weeks in advance and confirm that the minimum criteria have been met.

  1. Venues and times

The sport department of the 20th Maccabiah will determine the venues and timetables of the Paralympic Swimming competitions and teams will be notified accordingly.

  1. Events

There will be Male and Female categories in the following events, subject to the participation of at least ONE international athlete:

Butterfly: 50 and 100 meters, open to the S1-S14 Paralympic categories. 

Backstroke: 50 and 100 meters, open to the S1-S14 Paralympic categories. 

Freestyle: 50 and 100 meters, open to the S1-S14 Paralympic categories. 

Breaststroke: 50 and 100 meters, open to the SB1-SB14 Paralympic categories. 

Individual Medley: 200 meters, open to the SM1-SM14 Paralympic categories.   

  1. System of competition

a.      The system of competition will be a direct final.

b.      A swimmer, who does not register his/her entry time, will be listed with a “No time” or “NT” for that specific event.

c.       The Final ranking will be decided according to the international scoring table that combines the result and the disability category.

  1. Judges

The Paralympic Committee will select a Referees’ Committee, which in turn will appoint the judges of the competition.

  1. General

a.      These regulations are but one part of the complete 20th Maccabiah Regulations, and must be read along with the instructions found in “Basic Regulations and Disciplinary Procedures”.

b.      In the event of a discrepancy between the regulations written here and those appearing in the “Basic Regulations”, the regulations written here will apply and be binding.