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Last update 28/07/16

  1. Organization

a.      The Swimming Committee of the 20th Maccabiah will be responsible for the Swimming competitions of the 20th Maccabiah.

b.      The Swimming competitions will be conducted according to the rules of the International Swimming Federation (F.I.N.A.).

c.       Participation in the competition is open to any athlete who is in possession of a Participant Card, issued by the Organizing Committee of the 20th Maccabiah, and is registered for  the Swimming competitions.

d.      In Open and Juniors competition (Boys: 2001-2003, Girls: 2001-2004), a country may enter up to five (5) swimmers in each event with a maximum of Three (3) advancing to the Championship Final (“A” Final).

e.      In Masters Competition, a country may enter up to five (5) swimmers in each event.

f.       Each country may enter one (1) team only in each relay event. In relay races, if there are less than six (6) teams in a race, then additional teams may be comprised of swimmers from countries that do not have a team (“Composite Relay Team”). The system of competition will be clarified during the technical meetings.

g.      Composite relay teams will be treated as invitation teams which are eligible to win medals if they finish first, second or third in a relay final. In each relay race, medals must also be awarded to the first, second and third placed national relay teams comprised entirely of swimmers from the same country.

h.      There will be a division of competition for Paralympic Swimmers. The event schedule shall be determined in February 2017 or at the technical meeting.

i.        In all divisions, swimmers may enter an unlimited number of events.

j.       All Masters swimming competition will be held for swimmers in ten (10) age groups: 35 – 39, 40 – 44, 45 – 49, 50 – 54, 55 – 59, 60 – 64, 65 – 69, 70 – 74, 75-79 and 80+.

REMARK: In relay events there will be only two (2) age groups: 35 – 49 and 50+. Each county can register it’s swimmers in only one team for each age group. Countries that cannot form a team can combine with other countries to make a team.

k.      Masters events will be run based upon times and not on age. The medals will be awarded based upon age groups. No finals will be held in Masters' competitions.

l.        A specific Masters event will be held only if there is a minimum registration of four (4) countries and a minimum of five (5) swimmers. This regulation will be strictly implemented, and will not be subject to revision at the technical meeting or on the pool deck. If there are any disputes, then the organizers have the discretion to cancel the event.

m.     The complete list of Masters' swimmers, including names, ages, events and best times, must be included in Entry Form # 2 which is due on or before November 30, 2016.

n.      Open Water Swim: Each country may enter unlimited number of swimmers in each age category event: Open: 18-29; Masters: 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60+.

o.      There will be a junior's competition: Boys: 2001-2003, Girls: 2001-2004

  1. Venues and times

a.      The sport department of the 20th Maccabiah will determine the venues and timetables of the Swimming competitions and teams will be notified accordingly.

b.      The Swimming competitions will be held in swimming pools that meet the requirements of International Rules. The Open Water Swim competitions will be held in an outdoor body of water that meets the requirements of International Rules.

  1. Events

Competition in the Open and Juniors Divisions will be held in the following events:

            MALE                                                                           FEMALE

            Day 1: 09/07/2017

100m freestyle                                                             100m freestyle

200m breaststroke                                                       200m breaststroke

200m backstroke                                                           200m backstroke

200m butterfly                                                              200m butterfly

Day 2: 10/07/2017

100m butterfly                                                             100m butterfly

200m freestyle                                                             200m freestyle

400m individual medley                                                 400m individual medley

4 x 100m freestyle (finals only)                                       4 x 100m freestyle (finals only)

            Day 3: 11/07/2017

100m backstroke                                                          100m backstroke

400m freestyle                                                             400m freestyle

100m breaststroke                                                        100m breaststroke

4 x 200 freestyle (finals only)                                         4 x 200 freestyle (finals only)

Day 4: 12/07/2017

200m individual medley                                                 200m individual medley

50m freestyle                                                               50m freestyle

1500m freestyle (Open only)                                          800m freestyle (Open only)

4 x 100m medley relay (finals only)                       4 x 100m medley relay (finals only)

* Events will alternate by division: Juniors, then Open – unless otherwise noted.

Competitions in the Masters Division will be held in the following events:

            MALE                                                                           FEMALE

            Day 1: 12/07/2017

            200m freestyle                                                              200m freestyle

100m backstroke                                                           100m backstroke

            Day 2: 13/07/2017


200m individual medley                                                 200m individual medley

50m freestyle                                                               50m freestyle

100m breaststroke                                                        100m breaststroke

4 x 50m freestyle relay                                                  4 x 50m freestyle relay


100m butterfly                                                             100m butterfly

50m breaststroke                                                          50m breaststroke

100m freestyle                                                             100m freestyle

Day 3: 14/07/2017

50m backstroke                                                            50m backstroke

400m freestyle                                                             400m freestyle

50m butterfly                                                               50m butterfly

4 x 50m medley relay                                                    4 x 50m medley relay

Open Water Swim: Competitions during the Maccabiah will be held in the following events (each race will be run as direct final):

a.   5k race

b.   1.5k race

  1. System of competition (Only h - i apply to Open Water Swim)

a.      In order to be placed in the preliminaries, each swimmer must register his/her best time in the list of events in which she/he is competing.

b.      In the event of identical results, registered in the list, placement will be determined by a draw.

c.       A swimmer, who does not register his/her time, will be listed with a “No time” or “NT” for that specific event.

d.      Preliminary heats will be held in all events, except in 800m freestyle females and males, 1500 freestyle males, and relay events, in which the best heat will take place in the afternoon and the rest in the morning.

e.      The eight swimmers with the best results in the preliminary heats will qualify for the Championship Final (“A” Final).

f.       A Consolation Final (“B” Final) will be run in events where more than 18 swimmers participated in the preliminaries.

g.      The Organizing Committee reserves the right to combine Open and Juniors Teams relay events depending upon the number of teams registered. Medals will be awarded according to the respective age divisions of the teams.

h.      Appeals will be presented to the Committee of Appeals of the Swimming events, not later than 15 minutes after the announcement of the disqualification.

i.        In Open Water, the Organizing Committee reserves the result to combine the starts. Medals will be awarded according categories.

  1. Judges

The Swimming Committee will select a Referees’ Committee, which in turn will appoint the judges of the competition.

  1. General

a.      These regulations are but one part of the complete 20th Maccabiah Regulations, and must be read along with the instructions found in “Basic Regulations and Disciplinary Procedures”.

b.      In the event of a discrepancy between the regulations written here and those appearing in the “Basic Regulations”, the regulations written here will apply and be binding.