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Last update 28/07/16

  1. Organization

a.      The Taekwondo Committee of the 20th Maccabiah will be responsible for the Taekwondo competitions of the 20th Maccabiah.

b.      The Taekwondo competitions will be conducted according with the World Taekwondo Federation (WTF) Competition Rules.

c.       Participation in the competition is open to any athlete who is in possession of a Participant Card, issued by the Organizing Committee of the 20th Maccabiah, and is registered for the Taekwod o competitions.

d.      Minimum age for athletes is 17 years old on the day of the competition.

e.      Each country may enter 16 male and 16 female athletes (two (2) per category) according to the 8 weight categories of the WTF.

Females                                                   Males

Up to 46 kg. (Not incl.)                                Up to 54 kg. (Not incl.)

Up to 49 kg. (Not incl.)                                Up to 58 kg. (Not incl.)

Up to 53 kg. (Not incl.)                                Up to 63 kg. (Not incl.)

Up to 57 kg. (Not incl.)                                Up to 68 kg. (Not incl.)

Up to 62 kg. (Not incl.)                                Up to 74 kg. (Not incl.)

Up to 67 kg. (Not incl.)                                Up to 80 kg. (Not incl.)

Up to 73 kg. (Not incl.)                                Up to 87 kg. (Not incl.)

73kg. +                                                      87kg. +

f.       Duration of contests shall be 3 rounds of 2 minutes each with one minute break between each round, with the possibility to have rounds of one minute and 30 seconds according to WTF competition rules.

  1. Venues and times

The Sport department of the 20th Maccabiah will determine the venues and times of the Taekwondo competitions and participants will be notified accordingly.

  1. Equipment

a.     The contestants shall wear a Taekwondo Uniform (Dobok), trunk protector, head protector, groin guard, forearm and shin guards before entering the contest area; and the groin, forearm and shin guards shall be worn inside the Tae Kwon Do uniform.

b.     The Taekwondo Committee will provide the Daedo electronic protectors (PSS) to the contestants.

c.     The contestants will bring their own Daedo electronic socks.

d.     The Taekwondo Committee will provide all other electronic equipment including portable computers, TV screens, referees joysticks and Video-Replay cameras.

  1. Method of competition

a.      Single elimination tournament according to WTF Competition Rules or

b.      Single round robin tournament according to WTF Competition Rules

  1. Team Competition

            Team winners are decided by point system. Rank of team winners shall be decided according to the total points acquired based on following guidelines:

            * Basic one (1) point per each participating that passed the official weigh-in.

            * One (1) point per each win during the course of tournaments (Drawing a bye included)

            * Additional seven (7) points per one (1) Gold Medal.

            * Additional three (3) points per one (1) Silver Medal.

 * Additional one (1) point per one (1) Bronze Medal.

  1. Referees

a.      The Taekwondo Committee will select the Referees Committee and the Referee Director, which in turn will appoint the Referees of the competition.

b.      All technical matters and final Referees decisions (if needed) during the competition will be handled by the Referee Director.

  1. General

a.      These regulations are but one part of the complete 20th Maccabiah Regulations, and must be read along with the instructions found in “Basic Regulations and Disciplinary Procedures”.

b.      In the event of a discrepancy between the regulations written here and those appearing in the “Basic Regulations”, the regulations written here will apply and be binding.