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Ten Pin Bowling

Ten Pin Bowling


Last update 28/07/16

  1. Organization

a.      The Ten-Pin Bowling Committee of the 20th Maccabiah (guided by the Israeli Bowling Federation, I.B.F.) will be responsible for the Ten-Pin Bowling competitions of the 20th Maccabiah.

b.      The Ten-Pin Bowling will be conducted according to the rules of the International World Ten-Pin Bowling Federation and under their authorization.

c.       Participation in the competition is open to any athlete who is in possession of a Participant Card, issued by the Organizing Committee of the 20th Maccabiah and is registered for  the Ten-Pin Bowling competitions.

d.      Each country may enter one team of males and one team of females. Each team consists of maximum 6 players.

e.      There is no age limitation.

  1. Venues and times

a.      The Sport department of the 20th Maccabiah will determine the venues and times of the Ten Pin Bowling competitions and teams will be notified accordingly.

b.      All games will be played on only one oil condition as will be determined by the I.B.F. technical committee.

  1. System of competition

a.      All events will be played according to WTBA-ETBF rules.

b.      Each game shall be played on a different pair of lanes. 

c.       All teams must wear national Bowling uniforms.

d.      There will be no finals in the Singles, Doubles, Trios and Team events.

e.      Competition will consist of the following events:

1)   Singles                         6 games

2)   Doubles                                   6 games

3)   Trios                            6 games in 2 blocks of 3 games each.

4)   Teams (5 players)         6 games in 2 blocks of 3 games each.

5)   All Events                    consisting of the above 24 games.

6)   Masters                                   Top 24 males and top 16 females.

d.      After 24 games, (All events) the 24 males and the 16 females with the highest pin fall will play the Masters.

e.      If two or more players have the same total score after All Events, the highest positioned will be the player with the highest last game in the last discipline of All Events. If a tie still exist the highest positioned will be the player with the highest second last game, etc.

f.       The Masters competition will consist of head to head matches, where the highest ranked player will be matched against the lowest ranked player, the second highest ranked player will be matched against the second lowest ranked player, etc. First ranked 8 males and first ranked 3 females will have one bye.

g.      All qualifying pin fall is dropped.

h.      Each match will be played in "the best of 3 games" format (when 2 games are won the match is over)

i.        In case of a tie in any head to head match the following tie rules will apply: a roll off, frames 9-10 will be played until the tie is broken. If a tie still exists another roll off will be played, until the tie is broken. The highest ranked player after the qualification will choose the order of play. For the second roll off, if needed, the order of deliveries will be opposite to the first one, etc.

  1. Awards

a.      Medals of Gold, Silver and Bronze shall be presented to each of the individuals winning the first three positions in the following events:

1)   Singles

2)   Doubles

3)   Trios

4)   Teams (to 6 players(

5)   All Events

6)   Masters

b.      When equal scores (tie) are registered for any of the first three positions in the above mentioned events, co-champions will be declared. There will be no roll off for tie. Teams or players with equal scores will get the same medals. In case of a tie for the first position, the next position will get bronze medal. In case of a triple tie for the first position, all will get gold medals and there will be no other medals. In case of a tie for second position, there will be no medals for the third position. In case of a tie for the third position teams or players will all get bronze medals.

c.       The award ceremony should be stated in the tournament schedule.

  1. Referees and Protests

a.      The Ten-Pin Bowling Committee will select a Referees’ Committee, which in turn will appoint the Referees of the competition.

b.      All protests must be confirmed in writing to a responsible tournament official not later than 1/2 an hour after the game in which the infraction occurred or before prize presentation, whichever is the sooner.

  1. Record stipulations

a.      High score records will be maintained for the Ten-Pin Bowling Maccabiah Games for females and males respectively.

b.      The records are as follows:

1)   One game in singles, Doubles, Trios and Team

2)   Six games in singles, Doubles, Trios and Team

3)   24 games individual - All Events

  1. General

a.      These regulations are but one part of the complete 20th Maccabiah Regulations, and must be read along with the instructions found in “Basic Regulations and Disciplinary Procedures”.

b.      In the event of a discrepancy between the regulations written here and those appearing in the “Basic Regulations”, the regulations written here will apply and be binding.